How to modify your phone usage

How to Modify your Smartphone Usage.

It’s no secret that phones dominate modern life, making it difficult to avoid using them altogether. If you’re feeling uncomfortable with your smartphone usage and want to be more deliberate about it. There are several tactics you can employ to help you regain control of your life. Here are some tips for cutting down or […]

Smart Tech and its effect on your mental health

The Impact of Smart Technology on our Mental Health

Concerns have been raised about the effect of constant distraction caused by smart devices, such as smartphones and smart homes, on our mental health. The phenomenon of “continuous partial attention” resulting from the constant influx of notifications, pop-ups, and messages can lead to a lack of focus and an inability to fully engage with any […]

The subtle magic of reducing your phone hours_

The Subtle Magic of Fewer Phone Hours

In today’s digital age, it’s very crucial to reduce our phone usage for better mental health. With the constant cycle of notifications, updates, and messages, it’s easy to get caught up and overlook the subtle benefits of taking a break. Excessive smartphone use has made us very dependent on them, making it difficult to imagine […]

the link between behavioral addiction and smartphones today

Understanding Behavioural Addiction and Smartphone Addiction

Smartphones have changed modern society, but excessive use can lead to behavioural addiction, which is an addiction to non-substances. Despite the potential danger, addiction to smartphones is often dismissed as irrelevant. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize the consequences of excessive smartphone usage and take prudent measures to prevent addiction. Some people become so dependent […]

the link between behavioral addiction and smartphones today

The Underlying causes of Smartphone Addiction

For many people, cell phones have become an essential item, serving as a personal tool, a life assistant, and a way to entertain yourself. Many common mental situations can become underlying causes of smartphone addiction. Connected gadgets like tablets are also becoming more common in homes and offices, even when laptops are present. According to […]