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It’s almost impossible for millennials and Gen Z to focus on work or study without the urge of wanting to be connected to their smartphones, which often is a distraction triggered by social media. This distraction is an unconscious addiction to smartphones which eats into hours that could have been productive.

The world is going through an intense phase of smartphone addiction which grew rapidly since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in 2012, NOMOPHOBIA or NO MObile PHone PhoBIA is a term used to describe a psychological condition when a person fears being detached from his or her smartphone connectivity.

App Features

Lock addictive apps for a period of time

You don’t have to get distracted anymore. Lock addictive apps for the period you intend to stay focused. It could be instant or scheduled for a time range every day or on specific days. 

You can also lock addictive apps by setting your daily limit. For example, John sets 2hrs per day as his daily limit. Once he uses these addictive apps for precisely 2 hrs, all the apps will be locked for the rest of the day.

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Accountability partner grants permission

You don’t have to worry about the possibilities of unlocking these addictive apps yourself at will, while they are already locked in an active session. As a user, you will be required to connect an accountability partner to your profile to grant you access to unlock a locked session.

For every time you wish to pause or end your locked session, a code will be sent to your accountability partner, if you were able to convince your accountability partner while you have to pause the session and you are given the code, you get only 30 mins access to the locked addictive apps in a live session.

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Every complete session funds an African child through school

Engage in a social cause while you increase your productivity level. Every Applatch user’s profile is connected to an African child in need. These are orphans and children of widows who are less privileged and they need funds to go through primary, secondary as well as tertiary education.

For every time you complete a lock session without pausing it, a child in need in Africa will be funded through school. Increase the chances of this child schooling the tertiary graduation but starting a lock session of addictive apps on Applatch and not pausing it.

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Track & analyze screen time

Your current and overall screen time for that week will be available for you to track how much time you spend on your phone, and also compare some days' results. Green screen time is below 5 hours and that is decent. Amber/yellow coloured screen time is above average between 5-8 hours. Red screen time is super high, shows you have spent above 8 hours, this is not good for your mental health.

Also you can see what hour of the day you spend the most on your phone. Also you can see the reverse case, which is the hours of the day you do not use your phone, this is seen on the app as today’s focus time.

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Track & analyze app usage

You will have access to real time data on your app usage, showing a graphical analysis of how much time you use on the mobile apps on your phone. This analysis easily gives you a glance of the apps you use the most and the apps you use the least.

You can also tap on an app in order to see what time of the day you use that app the most. At any time of the day, you can see your top 3 most used apps and the total hours you have used on these app within the past week.

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App Features

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You are the one to choose who will be your accountability partner, could be your friend, colleague, relative etc. Once you enter the person’s email on Applatch he/she will get a code and you enter the code and Applatch to verify and connect your accountability partner to your profile.

Applatch’s is currently free to use. We are working on our upgraded app which will come with more functional features. This upgraded app will be fully premium.

You select apps you are distracted by or addicted to, set the time duration you want these apps to be locked for and they will be locked immediately and will only unlock after the time duration has elapsed.

After you must have selected the apps you are distracted by or addicted to, set the hours or mins you want to use these apps for in a day and once you have exhausted the time limit set, they should be locked for the rest of the day. For example, app A and App B are distracting apps you have chosen, you set 2 hours as your daily limit, this means, if by say 1pm you have used App A upto 2 hours it will get locked. App B will also get locked when you have used it for up to 2 hours. This means they will lock at different times, based on when they have been used for up to 2 hours daily limit.

This allows you to set a future lock session. Once you have selected the apps you are distracted by or addicted to, set the start date and time as well as the end date and time, the apps will be locked based on the duration of time and date you had set. You can plan for it to repeat on those selected days.

Refer and earn 200 for every user, make sure the users you refer have their accountability partner connected to their profile because those are the only valid users that will be counted. You will be paid for every 50 referred users, which is 50 x 200 = N10,000. The referral program is only for users in Nigeria.

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