About Us

Applatch Inc is a Delaware founded Startup based in Sheffield, United Kingdom and the company’s focus is helping millions of people globally curb the dangers of smartphone addiction, get more productive and maintain sound mental health.

Our mobile app MVP helps users lock addictive apps for a period of time in order to either study, work, sleep, meditate etc. Users can decide to schedule the lock hours on a daily basis or for selected days. Users can also set timed daily limits for addictive apps. A bonus feature helps you track all your phone usage analysis.

We built this app to solve an addiction problem, this is why we designed it not to unlock when you want it to, we want to help you with your addiction so you are required to have an accountability partner to unlock the locked apps. This we believe will help you stay more productive and less addicted over time.

The functionality model of our app is tied to a social cause, users get points every time they complete a lock session and every user’s profile on Applatch is connected to a child in Africa who is in dire need and out of school. For every time you complete your lock sessions and hit milestones, the beneficiary who is connected to your profile will be funded through school from primary to tertiary institution. The funds used for this social cause are grants from foundations who are big on sound mental health education for all.

The upgraded version of Applatch will allow users to lock as a community as well as allow parents to remotely lock addictive apps on their children’s phones.

We hope Applatch would have a positive impact in your life. We can’t wait to read your review on Play Store!