How to Modify your Smartphone Usage.

How to Modify your Smartphone Usage.

It’s no secret that phones dominate modern life, making it difficult to avoid using them altogether. If you’re feeling uncomfortable with your smartphone usage and want to be more deliberate about it. There are several tactics you can employ to help you regain control of your life.

Here are some tips for cutting down or modifying your smartphone usage and taking charge of your smartphone habits:


Track your current smartphone usage

Overcoming a smartphone addiction is only done well when you are fully aware of how bad the situation has gotten. 

Use your phone’s digital well-being tools or Applatch’s tracker to analyze your daily smartphone usage over the course of a week. Then make a plan to know how many hours you’d need to cut off to maintain a healthy amount of smartphone usage.

Be clear and optimistic about your resolve.

Actually, you can’t just decide to “use your phone less.” Like with any objective, you must have certain criteria by which to judge your progress. 

Do you want to spend more time reading, learning a new skill, or simply enjoying your boredom?

You might want to limit your phone use because of its negative effects. such as feeling like you have a shorter attention span or increased anxiety, or because your friends, partners, or children are complaining. Once you decide what you’ll do with your extra time, you’ll have something more positive to focus on.

Take Addictive Applications off your smartphone home screen.

Simply removing addicting app icons from your home screen is another useful suggestion. Although it may seem absurd, it actually works.

Frequently, after hastily checking the time or your notifications on your phone, you unlock it and find yourself back on Twitter. Give this advice a try if this situation is all too familiar to you.

A few more steps can go a long way toward preventing you from tapping before you even get to your favourite apps. Without a doubt, you won’t immediately open Facebook when you unlock your phone.

How to Modify your Smartphone Usage.

Build barriers for the user experience.

You can take a variety of quick steps by building user barriers like phone lock, screen time clock and even the Mobile app for those apps you can’t seem to tear away from.

The following advice may seem childish at first. but it’s really intended to slow you down and make you more thoughtful about how you use your phone. Imagine them as tiny speed bumps.

Disable as many push notifications as you can.

Evident but essential. Only allow the apps you think most critical to interrupt you, such as chat apps, calendar apps, and utility apps like ride-sharing services that only function when you are actively using them.

Turn your phone off at certain periods of the day

When you’re driving, attending a meeting, working out, having dinner, or spending time with your children, turn off your phone. Don’t bring your phone inside the restroom.

If you can’t turn the phone off your phone, you can simply lock the apps that distract you the most with Applatch.

How to Modify your Smartphone Usage.

Never take your smartphone to Bed. 

If utilized within two hours of bedtime, the blue light that is released by screens can interfere with your ability to sleep. Devices should be turned off and left to charge overnight in a different room. 

Pick up a book to read at night instead of reading eBooks on your phone or tablet. Not only will you sleep better, but studies show that you’ll retain more of what you’ve read.

Remove temptations and put tools on your smartphone. 

This aids in preventing the harmful practice of completing a task and then carelessly selecting an app that is located close to the one you just used.

You should always log out of apps after using them. Or you can even completely remove them so that you can only access them through a desktop or mobile browser.

The only drawback to immediately removing an app is that you won’t be able to use tools like Screen Time to monitor how much time you spend using it.

Change your password. 

Set a long, numerical passcode that you must type each time rather than your phone’s biometric one.

When you use a long code instead of your thumb, you can’t unintentionally access your phone.

How to Modify your Smartphone Usage.

Even your smartphone may benefit from a break

Your phone’s digital wind-down/well-being settings as well as the Applatch app can be used for digital purging. All alerts will be suppressed when enabled, with the exception of phone calls and custom exceptions.

Even on Android, the display turns grayscale. This is less distracting when doing activities, like checking your email and easier on your eyes when they should be paying attention to something else. This mode can be set to run every day for a set amount of time, such as from the time you go to sleep to the time you get up.


There are many other methods to use a smartphone more mindfully in addition to the ones covered here. Even our smallest, most wasteful routines can always be improved.

Changing your relationship with your smartphone requires effort and time. We sincerely hope that these pointers and techniques will have the same effect on you as you work on your smartphone usage.

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