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Did You Know?

Low interest to study & do assignments
56% of children aged 8-18 don’t read in their free time, leading to a 20% drop in standardized test scores (National-Literacy-Trust,2023; Education-Metrics,2023).

Entertainment over learning
60% of kids prioritize entertainment screen time over learning, and excessive entertainment screen time leads to short attention span(NLT, 2023; Microsoft, 2015)

Exposed to dangers online
8 out of 10 children experience cyberbullying online, exposed to online predators and inappropriate content, leading to emotional distress and compromised well-being. (UNICEF, 2022).

Applatch Kids Features

Quizzes & assignments unlocks entertainment apps

Children engage in age-appropriate quizzes with 15 questions per session in Maths, English, and Science. Achieving a minimum of 10/15 unlocks apps for 1 hour. Additional access requires completing another set of 15 questions.

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Educational performance analysis report

Receive comprehensive academic progress reports regularly to track your child's learning journey effectively. We will be sharing the report to your email on a weekly basis, showing their performance in Mathematics, English and Science.

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Alert notification when children get sensitive messages

Stay informed instantly when your child receives potentially harmful or inappropriate messages online.

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Children live location tracking

Stay updated on your child's real-time location, ensuring their safety. Track their distance from you and monitor their device's battery status.

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Auto block inappropriate content & websites.

Automatically block access to unsuitable online content and websites, providing a safe browsing experience.

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Unlock gemstones per milestones

Earn virtual gemstones as rewards for reaching educational milestones, making learning both fun and rewarding.

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App Features

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Easy Payments

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Data Security

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Cost Statistics

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Support 24/7

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Regular Cashback

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Top Standards

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Clients are Loving Our App

Our pricing works for everybody

Per Month

£199 £
  • Monitor your child's location
  • Add up to 4 devices
  • Lock apps and filter contents
  • Premium chat and email support
Save 20%

Per Year

£1999 £
  • Monitor your child's location
  • Add up to 4 devices
  • Lock apps and filter contents
  • Premium chat and email support

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As a parent, download and sign up on the app with your Android, IOS, or tablet device. Create your child’s profile with your device, then install the app on your child’s device and start pairing.

Educational quizzes that suit your child’s age. Mathematics, English and Science.

Yes they are

Your child needs to answer 10 questions correctly out of the 15 questions to unlock the device.

Once you pause your quiz session you resume to get your apps unlocked.

Total of 3 hours a day.

 Once the app has been downloaded on the parents device , set up as a parent creating an account using your email address and password.

While pairing is done on the child’s device the parent is prompted to pick specific apps or content to block.

Yes you can weekly

The child will have to start the quiz over again. Out of the 15 questions, the child needs to get a minimum of 10 questions right to unlock the apps.

Yes! There is in-app purchase with free 14 days trial option. Monthly payment is £1.99 and yearly payment is a discount fee of £19.99

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