Parental roles in smartphone addiction.

In today’s digital age, smartphones have become a casual part of our daily lives, and it is getting pretty hard to imagine a world without them.While smartphones may offer a variety of benefits, they also come with their own fair share of personal drawbacks, which is definitely the problem of quick addiction. As parents, it’s […]

5 Smart Ways to Stop Smartphone Addiction

5 Smart Ways to Stop Smartphone Addiction

Why try to stop smartphone addiction? It’s not abnormal to be glued to your phone these days. A 2022 survey shows that around the world, people currently have more smartphones than toilets! But what happens when your dependence on your device goes too far?  In this article, we’ll discuss smartphone addiction, the warning signs, and […]

Improve your productivity without technology

Tap, Tap again, Swipe right, swipe left Click, Scroll. These are activities that make up the majority of our day. When was the last time you went a day without your smartphone? You probably can’t remember ever going purposefully without your phone. We are surrounded with so much technology that it is so hard keeping […]

Breaking-free from smartphone addiction

In our previous article we showed you the statistics on smartphone addiction, hopefully that would be all you need to take it seriously. Smartphone addiction like every other addiction is a habit, and if there is one thing we know about habits is they are hard to break but definitely not impossible. It needs a […]

Stats on smartphone addiction

In this article, we would be exposing you to the statistics of smartphone addiction; in case you do not think this addiction is real or valid. We are no longer in the times where payphone or Fax was used as a means of communication between people or where telephones where either on the table or […]

Smartphone addiction amongst teenagers

Smartphone addiction has become an important issue facing parents. For parents with a teenager, this doesn’t come as a shock. Have you had frustrating confrontations with your child about their smartphone usage? Probably more times than you’d like to count. Smartphone addictions are so common. It’s hard to overcome because using smartphone devices has now […]