Digital detox, what does it do for you?


When you wake up, what is the first thing you check for? Your phone, right?. I know this because we are all guilty of it. I wonder sometimes if we check if we can see properly or whether everything is right with our surroundings.

But then apparently the first thing we are looking for is notifications from any of our social media platforms, whatever trend is trending so we can hop on it and not be left out (is there a police waiting to lock us up if we don’t?), check out our favorite stores and the list is endless.

This is how integral smartphones have become in our lives, we can not over-emphasize the usefulness of smartphones in our lives or how it has given us soft paddings. The issue stems from the alarming rate we need it to run our lives .

Studies show that even a silent smartphone beside its user can cause distress to its user; there is this constant need to hear the “pim pim” tone- prolly because it makes us feel relevant.

This is where Digital Detox comes in; Now this begs the question, what is digital detox?

Simply put, Digital detox means disconnecting from your electronic devices for a period of time. For many people, being connected and immersed in the digital world is just a part of everyday life. According to research from the Nielsen Company, the average U.S. adult spends around 11 hours each day listening to, watching, reading, or interacting with media

I know some people’s hearts have started to palpitate from just hearing “disconnect” (lol). Not to fret, nobody promises it’s going to be easy or a smooth ride but the result is unimaginable. We all know it’s impossible to disconnect forever but then it can be done periodically.

How to perform Digital Detox

1. Go on a Digital Detox vacation

Going on Detox vacation makes it easier to disconnect and go off- the grid (electronically). A Lot of tourist centers now are using “digital detox” as a promotional offer, this is so because the demand for digital detoxing is increasing everyday.

This could be hard at first and studies have shown that A study from 2019 found that some digital detox tourists experienced anxiety and frustration at the beginning of their trip, but then along the line here is one the feelings expressed by people that carried through with it “the lack of external commitments felt more indulgent than a stay at any five-star resort.

Research links digital detoxing to enhanced attention spans, less stress, and more-fulfilling relationships.

Jeremy McCarthy, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’s director of spa and wellness said “Technology has brought us many great advances,But the expectations for instant communication and the increasing pace of change in the world can have negative impacts on our well-being.”

This is why great efforts are made daily by resorts and vacation centers to create a space where people can disconnect to reconnect.

2. Take a Digital Sabbath

This means disconnecting from your phone for a few hours, in this period do whatever it is you enjoy doing, like:

Read that booking that has been on your shelf for over two weeks

Go for a walk; paint your toe and fingernails- they are in dire need of a fresh look

Do your self care routine; exfoliate, take a deep cleansing shower ( a scented candle can be lighted for relaxation) , eat and sleep.

3. Set Boundaries/ limits

A digital detox is not one size fits all, you don’t have to totally detach from your digital devices but you can limit access to some of the apps on your phone especially those that are most distracting. It is important you make your device usage work for your life and demands. This method ensures that you are using your devices in a way that benefit, rather than harm, your emotional and physical health

Digital Detox, why should you do it?

Some people have expressed skepticism at the concept of suddenly feeling happier when you switch off your phone but Many experts believe that digital detoxing will help us avoid the adverse effect of smartphone addiction.

Digital detoxing helps you lose the “fear of missing out”. Reduces stress, helps gain clarity, it also helps us create a work-life balance.

With digital detox, people will no longer be easily distracted when in their thought process.

There is soo much to gain and soo less to lose when you digital detox.

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