Stats on smartphone addiction


In this article, we would be exposing you to the statistics of smartphone addiction; in case you do not think this addiction is real or valid.

We are no longer in the times where payphone or Fax was used as a means of communication between people or where telephones where either on the table or fixed to the wall, now we carry our smartphones about either be it a business meeting or a visit to the restroom (this is mostly amazinging).

Of Course just like everything that always has its good and bad side; Smartphones are just one of them. Communicating with people is now faster and easy, you literally can access any information just at your fingertip and do a “whole lot of cool stuff”.

All of these above does not in any way take away the dangers smartphone addiction poses .Because we rely on our phones for communication and connection, it can be hard to gauge when excessive smartphone use becomes an addiction. Smartphone addiction can result in sleep deprivation, increased stress levels, depression and anxiety, just to mention a few. Smartphone addiction impacts not only your mental health but also your physical wellbeing.

In order for us to better understand the relationship we have built with our smartphones, a list of the most-up-to-date statistics of 2022 have been complied,

Weird smartphone usage statistics

(From Slick texts)

Recently, most people are very much dependent on their smartphones; it will be no lie if humans are accused of interacting with their phones more than they are with their humans.

Over 50% of smartphone owners never switch off their phone.

When leaving their phones at home, 50% of respondents feel uneasy.

More people have smartphones than toilets on a global scale.

40% of adults check their phones while they’re using the bathroom

20% of respondents in a smartphone usage survey would rather go without shoes for a week than be without their phone.

87% of smartphone users check their device within an hour of going to sleep or waking up.

The mere presence of one’s own smartphone reduces available cognitive capacity (Adrian F. Ward, Kristen Duke, Ayelet Gneezy, and Maarten W. Bos, 2017)

84% of adults cannot go an entire day without their phones in their hands. (2012, TIME Mobility Poll)

Fascinating smartphone usage statistic


71% of Americans say they check their phones within the first 10 minutes of waking up.

53% say that they have never gone longer than 24 hours without their cell phone.

61% have texted someone in the same room as them before

45% say that their phone is their most valuable possession.

43% use or look at their phone while on a date.

40% of adults check their phones while they’re using the bathroom.

71% of smartphone owners sleep with or next to their mobile phone on a typical night.

We spend more time staring at our phones than making eye contact (Bank Of America, 2016)

1 In 3 People checks their smartphones in the middle of the night (2016, Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey)

Statistic on smartphone ownership by country



China has a total of 953.55 million smartphone users

India has a total of 492.78 million smartphone users

The U.S. has a total of 273.76 million smartphone users

Indonesia has a total of 170.4 million smartphone users

Brazil has a total of 118.53 million smartphone users

According to Statista there are approximately 6.6billion smartphone users worldwide; incredible yeah, well it is projected to climb over 7.5billion in the next 5 years.

Stats on time spent on smartphone

1.The average American spends 4 hours and 23 minutes on their phones daily (Clario)

2. Americans spend 50 minutes on their phone before bed on average (Clario)

3. The average time spent on smartphones a day is 2 hours and 51 minutes. (slicktext)

4. On average, people will spend 5 years and four months of their lifetimes on social media.(slick text)

5. The average time spent on smartphones and tablets is 261 minutes a day (4hrs 33mins) ((2018, BankMyCell’s).

6.The average user will tap, swipe, click their phone 2,617 times a day (Dscout’s 2016 Mobile Touches Report)

Not in any way was up to 50% of the statistics generated from smartphone addiction covered in this article; but this would be an eye opener for those still in the dark about smartphone addiction because it is as real as drug addiction.

There are ways to curb and break-free from it, the process can be slow but it is possible; this would be covered in our next article. Stay tuned and be on the look-out for it.

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