7 Warning Signs you’re addicted to your Phone

7 Warning Signs you’re addicted to your Phone
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Is it your fault that you are addicted to your phone?

Our devices have become an extension of us, almost like a second body part.

We rely on them for communication, entertainment, and staying connected with the world. 

However, this reliance has easily turned into an addiction for most. It is important to be self-aware of smartphone addiction – no one is above it. 

A survey by Techjury shows that 66% of the world’s population already shows signs of nomophobia.

If you think you might have or be on the verge of smartphone addiction, read this article. You’ll also learn a thing or two about what you can do to break the habit:

Constantly checking your phone
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Constantly checking your phone

If you find yourself checking your phone frequently, even after you have gone through or cleared your notifications, you might be addicted to your phone.

It’s usually a popularly overlooked sign because of how subtle a sign it is. But it can lead to bigger habits that feed your addiction if not nipped in the bud.

Neglecting other activities and relationships

Do you find yourself snapping back into reality after an extended period on your phone, only to realize that you had neglected other important things you had to do for the day?

If your device takes a higher priority over your responsibilities and relationships, you’re addicted to your phone.

A decline in productivity is one of the greatest implications of smartphone addiction, and it could lead to dire consequences.

Mindlessly scrolling through social media

If you find yourself engaging on social media, chances are that you are scrolling mindlessly. It’s even worse if you barely remember what you have seen.

The internet and social media are overloaded with information that is too much to absorb at once. Once you realized you are getting swept into that wave, it’s time to step back.

Increased use of your phone to escape reality

Life gets hard, and sometimes we need a break from it.

If your phone is your constant, primary or only means of escape, you are already addicted to your smartphone.

Addictions are usually used as a coping mechanism, and can soon become a problem that is bigger than what you’re trying to escape.

Reaching for your phone without thinking
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Reaching for your phone without thinking

Do you find yourself grabbing your phone without thinking? You might be hooked on your device.

Even when you were not planning on using it, you might find yourself reaching for it. Once your subconscious is always wired to handle your phone, you would find it harder to resist using your phone while you’re trying to be productive.

Feeling anxious when you’re not connected to your phone

Do you ever feel anxious when you have to be apart from your phone? 

We’re not talking about when you forgot you left it to charge for a second and began to feel for it to be sure it wasn’t stolen.

If you feel a heightened sense of anxiety when you are unable to use your smartphone, then you need to think deeply about your attachment to your device.

Becoming irritable when away from your phone

You might often hear “do not talk to me till I’ve had my coffee”, but before you judge those people, are you aware of the possibility that you might get edgy when you’re away from your phone?

If you find yourself irritable when you can’t be around your phone, you are dealing with a strong addiction to your phone that could impair your mental health and social relationships.

Credit: pexels.com

Ways to break the habit of phone addiction

If you or someone you know is struggling with phone addiction, you can manage the issue with:

Monitor the amount of time you spend on your phone and set time limits on usage by taking intentional breaks, either at a certain time of the day or for a certain period.

A great way to track and control your smartphone usage is to download Applatch. It is a mobile app that allows you to lock the apps that keep you hooked on your smartphone.

Each session hat cannot be paused unless through an accountability partner, preventing you from simply reinstalling an addictive app you uninstalled while fighting to curb your addiction.

Also, don’t be afraid to seek professional help to deal with smartphone addiction. Trying to become more productive and improve your well-being is a sign of strength, not weakness.


Recognize the signs of phone addiction so that you can make changes, create healthier habits and prevent smartphone addiction. If you are already addicted, take steps to break your phone addiction so you get back to living a healthier, happier life.

Technology addiction is no myth. It is a real problem that requires you to prioritise awareness if you’re addicted or in danger of addiction to your phone so that you can take appropriate action.

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